Eucharistic Minister  & Lector Schedule
St. Jerome’s Liturgical Ministry:
NOTE: You need Acrobat Reader to see the schedule; download it for free here.
Schedule & Availability Contact:
Dan Loch, 846-3980, e-mail:
NOTE: Please send any changes in availability for the next schedule at least three weeks before the current schedule below runs out.

Please Note
Each 12-13 week schedule and roster will be sent to Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers only by e-mail. This will be quicker, simpler, more environmentally-minded, and save the parish paper and postage. There will be no surface mailings via the US Postal Service unless a Lector or Eucharistic Minister does not have e-mail or has specifically requested printed copies to continue to be surface-mailed.

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers will be asked for their absences three weeks before the new schedule is issued and will not be assigned on those dates.

If unable to serve when scheduled, please get a replacement  from the list mailed.