Body and Blood of Christ – June 3, 2018

You will be reading this on June 3rd, the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. For Catholics of my advanced age, this was the central dogma of the Church differentiating us from all other Christian denominations. In those days, we alone believed that the substance of bread and wine, while keeping its appearances, became the Body and Blood of Jesus. To receive communion, was to take Jesus into your entire self so that you could become more what you just received. We still believe that truth but now we also add that the Risen Jesus is also present in the community as it gathers to celebrate Eucharist. He is equally present when the Scriptures are proclaimed at Mass, and he is likewise present in the presider who acts “in persona Christi”. The Eucharist that we celebrate each day is rich in the many ways it connects us to the Risen Jesus.

This Sunday is the huge Eucharistic procession starting and ending at St. Matthew parish. Next week, I will tell you if we turned out enough people to uphold our parish honor as well as to honor Jesus present in the most Blessed Sacrament.

This weekend is also the ‘in-pew’ weekend for the Annual Catholic Appeal. We need about $6,000 to make goal. So, if today 40 parishioners each pledge $150.00, we will make goal. Thanks to the almost 200 parish families who have already made a gift to this good work of our diocese.

Finally, and importantly, due to a reorganization of the parish offices, the position of parish secretary is being eliminated and the responsibilities divided among present staff members. Pat Florio has been the secretary for longer than I have been here. She is the kind and welcoming person you hear when you call, or drop in for a Mass card. Pat has been a great listener to many of you over the years. Dedication to her job and excellent attention to details enabled Pat to keep our parish running so smoothly. She has a tremendous working relationship with the Diocese. We are so grateful for all of her years of service to us. The entire St. Jerome family will miss her. Pat’s last day will be June 24th.