5th Sunday of Easter – April 28, 2018

There are several things that go into making us the parish we are. Maybe the most important is that we have a number of small ministry/faith-sharing groups that both deepen the faith of the participants even as they flow into parish ministries. Two examples are the Social Concerns Committee, and the REACH Singers (the musicians at the 9:15am and 6pm Masses).

I was at last Monday’s Social Concerns meeting and one topic was the need to build up our funeral reception teams. These three teams have been in existence for about fifteen years and prepare about 10 to 12 funeral receptions a year. Each team has a group for set up, cooking, serving, clean up, and phone calling to request salads and desserts. Their work is essential to who we are as a parish. Families that take advantage of this free ham and ziti meal are always grateful that extra care is provided at a very difficult time in life.

Each team has co-leaders and each team has about 20 to 25 members. They help each other, and have handled small and large receptions, some with over 100 people. These teams have been preparing the luncheons for many years. Let’s give them a break! If you might be interested in helping, call the office, and we will give your name to Francie Mansager who created this ministry over fifteen years ago.

The REACH Singers are also in need of new members who can sing or play an instrument. They practice on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm and sing at either the 9:15am or 6pm Masses, sometimes both. The singers are noted for their sense of community as well as for having fun. They have such a spirit that the custom after each of their Masses is for the congregation to clap. You do not find this response at most Catholic Churches. If you are interested in joining, just come to a Thursday night rehearsal to see the fun they have.

In many ways we are in transition in the parish, and so, new recruits are most welcome to both ministries. Pray about it and see if the Lord is calling you.